How do I reduce belly fat

Answer is gonna be really PRACTICAL——

A) Resistance Training to boost metabolism and burn fat.

B) A daily calorie deficit keeping your Lean body weight and Basal Metabolic Rate in consideration.(Please focus on low glycemic carbohydrates through the day followed by one high glycemic carbohydrate meal post work out with protein meal).This calorie deficit on average should be bot more than 500Kcal a day and limited to 3 month programme.

C) He/She who thinks that starving shall help……Pheeeeeeewwwwww…….WAKE UP CALL for you guys,you’ll end up gaining weight after this short term fix.Trust me ,joint pains would be an added disaster.

D) Aerobics shall help you as a pre work out to improve your VO2,oxygen circulation in body,increasing your cardiac output with joint mobilising.

E) High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) can do wonders in reducing body weight and gaining muscles.

F) “PLEASE NOTE ITS NOT MAGIC but patience and discipline shall help you achieve a gain of 2 kg fat free muscle mass in 3 months time period.”


H) These were a few basic.Further the diet and exercise plans vary on the basis of

– Age.

– Body types(Somatotypes).

– Family inherited Genetics.

-Food habits.

-Environmental and social factors

-Job profile and the level of stress.

The message for the day

“A gym is no library……. so lets hear some adrenaline rush”

Hope this article was helpful to all.

Amit Bharadawaaj


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